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IDS - International Private School

IDS is a private International Primary and Pre-School, located in Lac 3, in Tunis. IDS currently offers a Primary Years Programme for students aged 3 to 15 years old. Our school curriculum is based on an internationally recognized Programme and is delivered in English and French.

IDS will offer a full K-12 primary and secondary education for ages 3 to 18.

The curriculum of our school is unique in that the primary language of instruction is in English and French, in addition to a strong emphasis on teaching the German language and culture. IDS intends to also become part of the PASCH-Initiative, as a Deutsch-Profil-Schule (DPS), as set by the ZfA (German Central Agency for Schools Abroad).

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IDS provides a high quality educational program in English and German designed to meet the intellectual, physical, social and emotional needs of our students.

• Challenge and support students to reach their full potential
• Encourage students to think for themselves
• Provide a challenging intellectual program
• Nurture and appreciate a diversity of languages and cultures

IDS offers Activity Clubs as part of its regular curriculum (free of charge on Wednesdays). Clubs are taught in German, French and English and mix students of different ages.

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