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Our School Principles:

Our School Principles:

  • Challenge and support students to reach their full potential
  • Encourage students to think for themselves
  • Provide a challenging intellectual program for exploring academic disciplines from a global and local perspective
  • Nurture and appreciate a diversity of languages and cultures as a way of learning
  • Guide students to show concern for themselves, for others, for the community and for the environment

Our School’s Unique Approach:

Our school was developed from the ground up to be based on modern educational methodologies that allow students to be independent, responsible and self-confident. We have studied the educational methodologies in leading countries like Finland and Singapore and have adopted the best they have to offer for our school

Teach students to accurately label objects and people, learn new concepts, and communicate with others

Teach students to abstract concepts and quantities and create mental order

Get students interested in exploring the world around them using all their senses

Broaden and refine students’ senses and help them become more logical and perceptive

Provide students with a wholistic view of the earth, an understanding the oneness of the human family and the wide diversity of cultures

Allow students to become familiar with arts, music, cooking, environment, etc.

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